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HR Analytics is about leveraging the power of data to make data-driven workforce-related decisions.  With HR Analytics, you will be able to convincingly show business leaders the direct impact of HR processes and initiatives on business outcomes – sales, revenue, cost-savings, productivity, and customer satisfaction. 

This 2-day intensive workshop provides you with a complete set of the Data Privacy tools, templates and techniques you need to get your company compliant with the 5-Pillar requirements of the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

One of the major challenges of today’s business leaders and managers, is how to motivate their employees to give their optimum performance. However, according to Peter Drucker, renowned management guru, “you cannot manage, what cannot measure.” This two-day workshop on performance management will outline and define the practice and tools to deliver effective performance management to ensure achievement of goals and encourage our people to do their best and go the extra mile.  

Mental health and wellbeing are now considered an essential component of one’s personal and professional life. Engaging in self-care activities to corporate wellness programs has been found to have a positive effect on one’s health, happiness, as well as the quality and productivity at work.  As companies race to develop their own mental health and wellness programs, there is an urgent need to put forward the fundamentals of program development based on scientifically sound wellbeing principles and informed practice. 


This workshop focuses on the design, development, implementation and evaluation of corporate wellness programs in the Philippine setting. It begins with a review of evidence-based mental health models focused on dispelling the myths surrounding the achievement of personal and collective happiness.  This is followed by a review on the steps of program development that ensures that the most efficient and effective process is followed. The majority of the session will be devoted to a simulation on the development of a wellness program. This workshop aims to ensure that each participant will develop the attitude, knowledge and skills to critically and mindfully deliberate on the information and practice surrounding personal and corporate wellness.

In today’s workforce, there are at least three generations present in our workplace—the Boomers, Xers and Millennials.  With these generations needing to work together to face the challenging work environment of the 21st century, both leaders and members of the organization need to find creative ways to harness the strength and potential of these groups to increase employee engagement, improve productivity and optimize business sustainability. 

This two-day workshop will look into creating a workplace where the multigenerational composition of your company allows a more inspiring and engaging place for the different generations to connect, collaborate and create a more accepting ecosystem that celebrates uniqueness and diversity.

The one day-seminar will look into recent studies and analytics on the prevalence of romance in the workplace and helping organizations to step up and help employees deal with their attraction at work.

The seminar hopes to help organizations to bring this rather “secretive” issues into the open so that the organization can address the issues and come up with measures that will make their employees feel more safe and comfortable.  

Gender is like a program in our brain. It’s a software that makes us think, feel, and act in a certain way without question. Without the awareness of how it works differently between males and females, it translates to miscommunications, misperceptions, sexism, and at worst sexual harassments. 

In this course, employees will be confronted with scientifically-based alternative paradigms which could drastically enhance their communication and relational skills with the other gender. Gender sensitivity and awareness are foundations of a workplace free of sexual harassment and respectful of diversity.   

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