Humor in the Workplace: 

From Aha to Haha

More than telling jokes and crazy antics, humor in the workplace will look into the art and science of using humor in the workplace to increase trust, engagement and productivity of the members of your organization.


This one-day workshop will help organization establish a fun working environment where both leaders and members of the organization will explore the “how-to” implement humor in the workplace.  The workshop hopes to help organizations transition from hierarchical to more innovative workplace.

If you're interested to join this workshop on its next public run or want to conduct this in-house, kindly provide us with your email address so we can contact you!

For other inquiries contact:

Alain Garcia

(02) 8404-9524


Abbey Hinto 

(02) 8404-9524


Learning Objectives

In this course, you will:

  1. Use humor in different situations.

  2. Know when humor is and isn't appropriate.

  3. Explain to bosses and coworkers the value of humor.

  4. Make humor a routine and use it on a regular basis.

  5. Tell funnier stories, give better presentations, and be more confident.

Who should join?

HR Practitioners, Managers and Leaders

Course Outline

Module 1: HWP:  What’s In It For Me?  The Why and the Benefits of HWP

Module 2: Using the HUMOR MAP--The How and When to Use Appropriate  Humor in the Workplace

  1. Medium: How are you going to execute the humor? Is it an image, video, text, or done live? Will it be in an email, document, meeting, or presentation?

  2. Audience: Who is the recipient of the humor? How many people? What do they know? What do they need? What do they expect?

  3. Purpose: Why are you using humor? To improve communication, build relationships, enhance problem solving, increase productivity, or strengthen leadership?

Module 3:  Introducing Improv to the Organization

Module 4:  Making the Culture of Humor Stick

  1. The role of the leaders

  2. The role of the organization

  3. The role of the employees

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