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Gender is like a program in our brain. It’s a software that makes us think, feel, and act in a certain way without question. Without the awareness of how it works differently between males and females, it translates to miscommunications, misperceptions, sexism, and at worst sexual harassments.  In this course, employees will be confronted with scientifically-based alternative paradigms which could drastically enhance their communication and relational skills with the other gender. Gender sensitivity and awareness are foundations of a workplace free of sexual harassment and respectful of diversity.   


In this course, you will:

  1. Evaluate personal assumptions, attitudes, and beliefs regarding one’s self and the opposite gender;

  2. Recognize the not-so-obvious gender differences in thinking, feeling, communicating, and solving problems.

  3. Improve their relational and communication skills with the opposite gender

  4. Empower themselves against being perpetrators or victims of sexism and sexual harassment by raising their level of awareness.


This course is open to everyone!

Gender Basics

Participants will experience a series of fun exercises which will confront them with their taken-for-granted sex and gender assumptions and beliefs. They will discover why men and women do, think, and act the way they do

    Self-assessment exercises will surface participants’ awareness of how balanced and gender-sensitive they are. They will be introduced to the concept of androgyny as way to achieve gender sensitivity and improve their interactions with the other gender.

Sexism and Workplace Harassment  
    Self-assessment exercises and short video clips will enhance inputs that are meant to raise awareness. Participants will be oriented on the different forms of sexism and workplace harassment.

Preventive Strategies  
    An orientation of company policies on sexual harassment will be provided. Participants will formulate preventive strategies and declare personal commitments to improve their own personal gender sensitivity.

Our Resource Speaker

Dr. Marshall Valencia

Dr. Marshall Valencia is a social and organizational psychologist with 20 years of professional experience as an HR and organizational consultant, a trainer, and a social scientist. He has extensive experience in data analytics handling different types of market, customers, and human resource research projects across different industries.

He was a former faculty member and director for research at the Nottingham University Business School Currently, he also teaches Statistics and HR Analytics courses in the graduate program of the University of the Philippines Psychology Department. He has published his researches and presented in scientific conferences in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, U.S.A., Australia, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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