Performance Management

One of the major challenges of today’s business leaders and managers, is how to motivate their employees to give their optimum performance. However, according to Peter Drucker, renowned management guru, “you cannot manage, what cannot measure.”


This two-day workshop on performance management will outline and define the practice and tools to deliver effective performance management to ensure achievement of goals and encourage our people to do their best and go the extra mile.  

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Learning Objectives

  1. Set clear goals

  2. Learn how to manage performance using clear goals and objectives

  3. Motivate employees to do their best

  4. Prepare formal performance appraisals

  5. Build a culture of continuous improvement

Who should join?

People Managers and Leaders, HR Practitioners

Course Outline

Module 1: Why Performance Management?

  1. Our VUCA and Disruptive World

  2. Goal Alignment:  Goals Start from the Top

  3. Goals vs Objectives vs Activities


Module 2: Introducing Measures and Reviews

  1. Establishing Clear Goals

  2. Lagging vs Leading Measures

  3. Introducing Operational Reviews: DOR, WOR and MOR


Module 3: The Art and Science of Motivation

  1. The Different Theories of Motivation

  2. Extrinsic vs Intrinsic

  3. The Importance of Rewards and Recognition


Module 4: Maximizing Performance through Practical Coaching

  1. Why Coaching

  2. The Practical Coaching Framework

  3. Incorporating Coaching to the Performance Appraisal


Module 5: People Development: Focusing on People Growth and Development

  1. Begin with the Employee

  2. Create Individual Develop a Plan

  3. Link the Plan to the Overall Company Goals and Performance

Learning Investment

Early Bird Rate – ₱11,000 + VAT

Group Rate (3 pax or more) – ₱10,000 + VAT
Regular Rate – ₱13,000 + VAT

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