Have you done your Pillar 2 Data Privacy Compliance yet?

Get on board!

The first Master On-The-Job Workshop on preparing and conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is coming in zoom and into your workplaces this October.
And it’s in full compliance with the Pillar 2 requirements of the Data Privacy Act of 2012!

This is a complete workshop that helps your PIA Project Team (data privacy staff and HR process owners) to complete the privacy impact assessment of your HR or employee data system, in just over a one-week period.

How is this possible?

Send a working team to this workshop to get trained on-the-job. They get the training tools, templates and the on-the-job training to assess your own HR (Employee Data) System. At the end of the 7-day period, they will be able to prepare a final draft of the PIA Report—the Pillar 2 document required as “proof of compliance” by the National Privacy Commission, in case of a personal data breach.

To get the optimum benefit from this Master OJT Workshop, we recommend you send a team of at least 3 people (best would be 4): your DPO or COP, the HR process owner and another HR and/or IT staff.

No previous PIA or data privacy knowledge is required in this course! Your team learns everything they need to know in a 2-day zoom training to carry out the PIA of your HR systems with the training consultants providing the necessary templates, sample documentations, data privacy guidance, and support over a 7-day period of this workshop.

The training fees are: P14,000 for a team of 2 attendees; P18,000 for a team of 3 attendees, and P20,000 for a team of 4 attendees from the same company. The fee for one attendee is P9,800. We are encouraging you to send a team if you want your PIA Report done in one week’s time.

Note that conducting a full-blown PIA on your HR or Employee Data system to comply with the Pillar 2 requirements of NPC cannot effectively be done by one person alone… unless your attendee only wishes to observe and learn in this OJT workshop, rather than participate and get your PIA Report done.

The outline and timetable of the PIA Master OJT Workshop over a 7-day period are as follows:

Day One (Thursday, October 14, 2021)

 Day Two (Friday, October 15, 2021)

Day 3 and 4 (Saturday and Sunday, October 16 & 17, 2021)


Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA):

The Masters OJT Workshop For your Pillar 2 Data Privacy Compliance
October 14 and 19, 2021
Delivery Mode: Online via Zoom