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LOL@Work Webinar Wraps Up with Tips for Bringing More Humor to the Workplace

Last January 24, PVP held its very first webinar of the year, LOL@Work: Harnessing Humor for Boosting Your Team’s Spirits, led by speaker Ross Villamil. He walked participants through the many benefits of humor in the workplace and how leaders can encourage positive and inclusive humor amongst their teams.

Sir Ross explained how humor affects the brain, boosting mood and promoting trust and engagement. He provided guidelines on what types of humor are appropriate for the workplace, emphasizing the importance of avoiding offensive or exclusive jokes. Participants learned creative strategies for leaders to incorporate humor into their management style in order to set a lighthearted

tone. The webinar concluded with tips on fostering

team members' creativity through humor.

By the end, participants gained a framework for utilizing humor to build a more positive and productive work environment. They left equipped with handouts and a short test to reinforce their learnings on harnessing humor. Sir Ross, along with PVP, hope that the participants would embrace humor’s potential to uplift themselves, their teams, and their organizations!

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