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The pandemic has greatly impacted us and altered our daily routines whether at home or work. For the past two years, we did the best we could to attend to the needs of our family and our obligations at work. We changed the way we live to suit the work-from-home (WFH) setup. Currently, the majority is slowly transitioning to a hybrid work setup. Given this, our routines will be altered again. This webinar aims to help employees manage their time as we shift to the new setup. 

Sexual harassment in the workplace negatively affects the level of motivation and performance of employees because of the uncomfortable and threatening environment that it provides. In the age of gender and development mainstreaming, there is no place for sexual harassment in the workplace anymore. Modernization and sustainability within the company calls for a sexual harassment-free workplace. The RA 11313: Safe Spaces Act that was signed into law in 2019 is intended to address the many types of sexual harassment in public spaces as well as in the workplace.

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Events in the past months might have contributed to how employees perform nowadays. Those who are reluctant to report back to the office and hybrid work setup might not have the same energy and motivation to work as before. To solve this issue, this webinar will help address the motivation concerns of employees. Through this webinar, employees will get back to their feet and find motivation to be productive, efficient and joyful at work

You are what you eat. Consuming healthy foods is not just physically important but also benefits an individual’s mental health. This webinar intends to identify and teach its participants the relationship between food consumption and mental health. This aims to eliminate myths about diet fads and give enlightenment on its importance to well-being. Attendees of this webinar will be able to acquire knowledge on different healthy eating habits and its massive effect on mental health.

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Sleep and health are strongly related. Good sleep is essential for maintaining our baseline mental health, as poor sleep can dramatically affect mood and productivity the following day. That being the case, robs employees of the chance to excel at work. This webinar aims to educate its participants on the significance of sleep on their well-being. Attendees will acquire knowledge of the dangers of sleep procrastination and be aware of other sleeping disorders. By attending this webinar, participants will be able to learn how to establish a healthy sleeping routine and pattern.

A person’s wellness is not just demonstrated by being free of disease or illness but also by having a sense of purpose and having joyful relationships. With the increasing number of studies that describe the effect of finances on one’s well-being, this webinar aims to provide knowledge and learning to employees on how financial and mental health are related, the effect of financial stress, and what financial literacy is. Further, practical ways on how to better manage finances shall be taught to help minimize the risk of mental health illness brought about by the same.

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