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What is Consultation Space?

This is an online individual consultation platform, in partnership with PVPi, that will be offered to Avida organic leaders - MTs and AMTs with subordinates. It provides leaders/managers an opportunity to consult with licensed professionals if they would like guidance in handling a direct report with mental health challenges.


The Consultation space also aims to help leaders:

  • Recognize their impact on their teams’ well-being;

  • Be positively accessible and responsive to their team’s mental health needs

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Process Flow

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Interested participants must sign-up and register by completing the form below. (Consultation Space link has been sent via Avida Advisories). All details provided must be complete and accurate.

PVP will send an email confirmation to acknowledge receipt of the consultation request.

PVP will look for a consultant based on the desired schedule.

Once finalized, PVP will send an email confirmation (within 24 hours upon receipt of the request) on the confirmed session.

Participant to attend the consultation session scheduled.

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  • Please make sure to be on time on your scheduled session. There is a grace period of 15 minutes for every session. However, no show would merit the consultation fee of Php 2,000 (billed to Avida) since consultants have already booked and blocked off their schedules.

  • All sessions are by appointment and done by licensed psychologists/counselors/psychiatrists

  • Participants have an option to do the 1-hour sessions through a video and/or voice conference, or phone conference

  • If there’s a need to make any changes on the schedule, PVP Team (Jervin Villanueva and cc Alain Garcia) must be notified at least a day before (by 5pm on the day before) the agreed schedule.

Important Reminders:

Kindly provide all the needed information below. Please expect an email from the PVPi Project Manager, Mark Jervin Villanueva ( after submitting the required details.
Note: If you prefer a phone call, you would be directly contacting the consultant. Details will be provided by PVPi via email. 
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