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When trainings are not enough to move the metrics in the right direction, PVP offers solutions that:


• provide direct intervention to address immediate employee problems and concerns. 

• provide framework and guidance for medium to long-term organizational development goals.

Business Meeting

Strategic Planning

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To provide the organization with a Strategy Road Map depicted in a one-page picture with the Balanced Scorecard.

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Ongoing process within an organization that involves utilizing existing knowledge to outline the desired course of action for a business.

Employee Intervention

Listening Room

Listening Room is your company's direct access to a mental health professional who can help your employees if they feel they need someone to talk to.

Psychosocial Peer Support

This psychosocial peer support session is a way to vent out their “emotional baggage”, but at the same time, help them move forward and free themselves from the negative thoughts that’s causing more anxiety and stress for them through the help of a professional counselor processing their experiences. 

Insighting Session

Insighting Session provides a different way to expand a team's points of view and another way of self-exploration which will help employees and team members become more productive, more creative, more engaged, and effective employees. 

Consultation Space

Consultation Space is an online consultation platform where  leaders, managers, and supervisors can consult about handling mental health issues or concerns and other related matters.

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Image by Andrew Neel

People Development

Life Coaching Room

Executive Coaching

Succession Planning

Organizational Development Consulting

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