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Event Details

Event Details

Languishing can be defined as a pervasive feeling of blah-ness that dulls every ounce of your motivation. Many people experience languishing and think it is simply like typical stress. However, the feeling can gradually consume you and follow you throughout your day, holding you back from the flourishing life that you want. This past unprecedented period has brought about this feeling in more ways than one. While it is now slowly transitioning away, it is now the perfect time to become aware of some actionable ways to cope with languishing and turn your life upright– living a more flourishing life.

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  • The Languished Person: How Languishing Influenced your Previous year and How it Can Affect Your Upcoming Year

  • Beyond Languishing: Looking Back at your Strengths

  • Reframing your Mind to a Flourishing You

  • Getting Ready to a more Flourishing Year


• Employees of any level

Learning Objectives

At the end of the session, participants should be able to:

1. Understand the concept of Languishing and how it may influence our day-to-day behavior.

2. Identify the activities that foster positive mental health for the upcoming year.

3. Recognize your inner strengths in boosting yourself and pumping up the upcoming year.


Our Resource Speaker

Alessandra Arpon, RPsy

Alessandra Arpon, RPsy

Alessandra Arpon, RPsy is working in education, research, assessment, and mental health awareness, treatment, and care. She earned her BS psychology from Far Eastern University - Manila with a magna cum laude distinction and a master’s degree in clinical psychology from De La Salle University – Manila where she is also taking her Ph. D. in clinical counseling psychology. She is a licensed psychologist who garnered the 5th place during the licensure examination for psychologist in 2017.

Alessandra Arpon, RPsy

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