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Event Details

Event Details

·  Foundations: Mindset and Culture

o  Event, Experience, Emotion, Expression

o  Victim, Villain, Victor

·  Wonder

o  Identifying the audience

o  Gathering information

o  Listening

o  Asking questions

o  Defining purpose

·  Rough Draft

o  Context, Challenge, Conclusion (CCC)

o  Inverted Triangle

·  Improve and Tighten

o  The 7Cs of written communication

o  Grammar Refresh: Parts of Speech

·  End Draft

o  Final proofing

o  Peer review

o  Email etiquette

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Our Resource Speakers

Vina Vidal Vicente

Vina Vidal Vicente

Vina Vidal Vicente is a Program Designer, Facilitator, Stakeholder Engagement specialist, Communications and Public Affairs strategist, certified English Grammar instructor and a blues singer. Vina has worked in expert and leadership roles in various industries, including print media, government, non-government / advocacy, education, and, most recently energy and shared services. In her 20 years in the workforce, Vina has cultivated a skill in connecting with various roles in an organization, ranging from senior executives to junior professionals.

Christine Del Rosario Bata

Christine Del Rosario Bata

Christine Del Rosario Bata is currently an Internationally Certified Executive Life Coach who trained with the Coach Training Academy under the expert guidance of Dr. Randin Brons, PhD., C.M.H., M.S.L.C and Steven Kiges, Certified Master Life Coach, Christine specializes in Career, Executive and Corporate Coaching. Her 20+ years of corporate experience offers clients a powerful resource system to keep them motivated, move on the right direction, and help them look at where they are now vis-a-vis where they like to be and help bridge the gap.

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