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Data Privacy Compliance: Masterclass Edition
August 17, 19, 24, and 26, 2021

Delivery Mode: Online via Zoom

Learning Investment


The Data Privacy Compliance: MasterClass Edition

This is the fastest implementation approach to complying with the requirements of the Data Privacy Act (DPA) of 2012. For the past 3 years, we have sourced and found the most efficient and effective approach to implementing DPA2012 compliance: quickly and with minimal reliance on expert complexity. This is an upgrade from the Full-Build model introduced last year. This masterful re-engineered approach brings down your assessment and compliance from 5 weeks to within 2 weeks. That is, assuming your team comes "ready-to-workshop" and not just to listen and learn.

​Send at least 2 or 3 people from your organization. It will be worth it.

​After this MasterClass training, your team will not only have assessed your current compliance condition (which will cost you no less than half a million pesos if done by an independent assessor) but will bring home a fully-documented, PIA Report and a completed Privacy Management Program (PMP) governance manual.

 For those eyeing compliance with the ISO 27701 PIMS and the EU GDPR, this workshop puts you right in the doorway, ready to be let in.

How do you get a complete, proven, data privacy compliance and implementation training package for less than Php100,000? You get it here! This in-depth MasterClass workshop experience is about the best thing that can happen to your struggle at compliance the past 3 years!

You only have to send at least 2 data privacy officers to this training!  And we wouldn’t mind if you send three of your valued compliance officers on privacy too.

Check the outline of this one-and-only in-depth workshop on Data Privacy Compliance: MasterClass Edition available today! And get your DPO and COP on board this August.

₱29,000 per person

For your convenience, you may deposit your payment at any branch of:



Account Name: Premier Value Provider, Inc.

Account Number: 006830102862

Branch: Trident-Gil Puyat



Account Number: 002410007904

Program Outline

Data Privacy Compliance: MasterClass Edition

A PVP MasterClass presentation

1. Assessing your Data Privacy 2012 Compliance: Where are you now?

Not knowing where the company is, in its Data Privacy Compliance journey, means your business is at risk! This module provides the necessary checklists and audit questions you need to answer, to get a clear assessment of where you are and the recommended steps you still need to take to lessen or minimize the risk of non-compliance.


2. The Systems Approach to Understanding DPA2012: Finding the only things you need to master

Most companies are spending too much time and effort, on their own, trying to understand how to comply with the Data Privacy Law. This is not the way to go. No wonder companies, after 3 years of their struggle for compliance are still in a learning mode. Adopting a systems approach allows your data privacy team to focus on the key components or provisions of the law, complying with these provisions, and growing their learning and experience in the implementation stage… not before. We’ll show you where the key provisions (or obligations) in the DPA 2012 are and show you in very explicit and actionable terms what to do and how to do your compliance now… not months, later.
The key provisions of the DPA 2012 are found in understanding, complying, and implementing:

  • The 3 Privacy Principles

  • The Rights of the Data Subjects

  • The Organizational, Physical and Technical Privacy and Security Measures

  • The Lawful Processing of Personal Information

  • The Data Sharing and Outsourcing Agreements


3. Positioning your DPO: The Data Privacy Office

The DPO, from the intent of the law, is not a super-person entity. It is a functioning and responsible body or entity represented by the appointment of a Data Protection Officer. Getting the DPO positioned and conditioned to function in the capacity of a corporate change agent is the key topic presented in this module. Getting your DPO or COP into this MasterClass workshop will allow them to find their highly demanding role as a corporate transformation leader to befit their given obligation and responsibility, in the corporate pursuit for compliance and implementation of the data privacy law.

Workshop topics in this module include:

  • Why DPOs fail… and what they can do about changing the                                            corporate privacy governance law-side.

  • The DPO as a change leader

  • Managing, Planning, Organizing and Controlling the Corporate Data Privacy function


4. Getting your Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) done: Planning and conducting the foundation of your compliance system

The first thing every data privacy team should know and master is the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) process ( as it applies to their organization). Assigning this task to untrained, though hard-working staff won’t get your company closer to compliance. On the contrary, by depending on “hope-they-can-do-it,” you mess up your PIA recommendations… and your business ends up with inadequate or even contrasting measures that opens your privacy practice to riskier threats and vulnerabilities, and higher fines and imprisonment.

This module provides you with straightforward Impact Analysis checklists and a filled-in PIA Report you can tailor to your corporate character. The workshop will show you a “MasterList” of threats, risks, and measures that you can adopt or adapt… and use to train and orient your PIA project team to move from novice practitioners to experienced professionals in planning, preparing, and conducting your next PIA(s).

5. Documenting the Privacy Management Program (PMP) with everything in it: Your Governance Guide and Manual

“How do we start complying with the law?” The simple answer, according to the National Privacy Commission is: “To have a PRIVACY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (PMP) in place.”

So, how do you do that? Especially, for the many companies who have not seen a living, working PMP before!

This module shares with you in detail the different components of a best-practice, global standard on PMPs, in a template that again, you can simply adopt or adapt to your peculiar situation or need.
After undergoing the workshop in this module, you will surely conclude: “…indeed, the PMP summarizes it all.” If you do not have your PMP done, you are simply compliance… undone. 


6. Implementing and Monitoring the Privacy Program: The only way to get going

Our earlier premise is that most companies spend too much time and energy at the understanding (waiting for deliverance) stage. Hope that is not you. But if you are still “not yet” compliant, take this opportunity to be compliant… now!

Pillar 4 of the NPC 5-Pillar proof of compliance, specifically demands that companies “Implement the privacy and security measures ”starting from day one of their compliance journey. This module shows you a “quicker guide” to implementation than you may not have thought possible. This, so you can get started on day one after this workshop is done!

This is the essence of complying with Pillar 4 (for those still wondering why this pillar is described as an Accountability and Compliance Framework in the NPC Data Privacy Toolkit).


7. Your Data Breach Incident Response System: Preparing for the big bang!

Although a data breach incident is listed by NPC as a Pillar 5 compliance, this should be addressed right after the appointment (Pillar 1) of a DPO by the organization. How to do this, in the most advantageous way, with the least strain on the privacy team effort and learning is what this module in the MasterClass is all about.

The Incident Response Plan and Procedures (workshop) that participants will learn from and undergo in this module can immediately be implemented, as is, once you get back to your workplace, if you so desire. (This alone can justify the entire cost of your investment in this workshop and save you at least a month,  to put the whole Pillar 5 requirements under study, review, and practice.)


A MasterClass Toolkit you can rely on!

Overall, this MasterClass Edition workshop series provides you with an updated "Toolkit" which allows you to work with actual examples and samples on the 5-Pillar requirements of the National Privacy Commission (NPC) to ensure you have a clearer understanding of what complete, true-to-form compliance and implementation of the DPA 2012 really should look like!

About the Speakers

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About the Speaker


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