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Road to Full Recovery: A Psychosocial Support Session for COVID19 Survivors

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected everyone’s lives may it be in our homes, or in our workplaces.  Practically in every company and organization, we find employees who have been affected by it first-hand.   As these employees successfully recover from it and get back to work and their daily lives, they may find themselves beset with new experiences and feelings.  They might be feeling odd -- feeling that something is still not right with them, and something is not the way it's used to be.

As companies deal with the return of these employees to work, in the office, the factory, or still on a work from home set-up, a psychosocial support session can help their employees realize the strengths that they exhibited during their COVID-19 experience so they can rebuild and recover from what they have been through. This will also help them in having a more positive perspective as they get back on their feet.


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At the end of the session, participants should be able to:


  • Increase their understanding about their struggles and difficulties during their COVID-19 experience.

  • Normalize and acknowledge their personal experience of having COVID-19.

  • Realize positive coping mechanisms and routines that made them grow and transition from going back into their normal lives.

  • Regain confidence going back to their daily schedule, may it be from their work, home, and their social circles.

  • Share the difficult thoughts, feelings, and struggles brought about by the COVID-19 experience.


Phase 1: Trauma and the Growth as Its Aftermath (1.5hrs)

What is your COVID-19 experience?

  1. Thoughts

  2. Emotions

  3. Body

  4. Relationship

  5. Spirituality

Phase 2: Posttraumatic Stress Growth (1.5hrs)

  1. Personal Development (newly found strengths)

  2. Changes in the relationships

  3. Spirituality 

  4. Changed priorities in life

  5. Appreciation of Life



Dr. Homer Yabut is a licensed psychologist and a certified social psychologist. He is a faculty member in the Psychology Department of the De La Salle University. He has a doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology which he earned from De La Salle University.  He is currently the chairperson of the Psychological Association of the Philippines Central Luzon Chapter.

Dr. Yabut has been in the forefront in utilizing Mental Health and Psychosocial Services during disasters, calamities and recently with the pandemic.  He was involved in the collective efforts to provide psychological first aid among survivors of Yolanda, Ondoy and recent earthquakes.  He was also involved in drug rehabilitation of drug dependents in a Reformation Center in San Simon, Pampanga.

Dr. Homer Yabut

Alessandra Arpon


Alessandra Arpon is working in education, research, assessment, and mental health awareness, treatment, and care. She earned her BS psychology from Far Eastern University - Manila with a magna cum laude distinction and a master’s degree in clinical psychology from De La Salle University – Manila where she is also taking her Ph. D. in clinical counseling psychology. She is a licensed psychologist who garnered the 5th place during the licensure examination for psychologist in 2017.

Aless was trained to practice evidence-based psychological assessment and treatments for individuals, couples, groups, and families. Currently, she works as a faculty member of the Psychology Department at De La Salle University – Manila (DLSU) where she handles undergraduate and graduate courses. She is also a consulting psychologist in various private clinics and government hospitals within Metro Manila. Aside from therapy and assessment, she also conducts lectures, seminars, and workshops related to mental health awareness, prevention, and intervention in the community, school, and work settings.

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