PVP's eWellness Webinars

PVP’s eWellness Webinars are one-hour talks developed to create awareness, change mindsets, and build practical skills in the field of mental health and well-being. 


They are designed to be delivered online to your company and your employees without limit to the number of participants. 



Webinar 1 

General Orientation on Mental Health in the Workplace

Topics Covered:

  • Common issues in the workplace: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Burnout

  • How do you know if you’re still OK?

  • Red flags for needing professional help



Webinar 2

Achieving Well-being and Happiness: The PERMA Approach

Topics Covered:

  • Wholistic Well-being

  • Strategies:  Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Achievement

Webinar 3

Achieving Work-Life Balance in the New Normal

Topics Covered:

  • Redefining balance

  • Challenges in working from home

  • Strategies to have a life despite the WFH challenges



Webinar 5

Building Psychological Resilience

Topics Covered:​

  • Impact of the VUCA World (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous)

  • Bending without breaking

  • Action-oriented vs. problem-oriented approach to adjustment

Webinar 6

Stress Management

Topics Covered:

  • How stress affects the brain

  • Powerful brain-friendly strategies

  • Mindfulness

Webinar 7

Heal from Overwhelm and Burnout: A Minimalist Approach

​Topics Covered:

  • Physical and psychological burnout

  • Minimalism as a tool for healing burnout


Dr. Homer Yabut, RPsy

A registered psychologist who is also active in various community and organizational mental health issues.  He has a  Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and MS Psychology major in Industrial Counseling from De La Salle University.

Mr. Gerald B. Peñaranda, CSIOP, RPsy.

A Registered Psychologist who also received his certification from the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) to specialize in the practice of Industrial /Organizational Psychology.

Dr. Sterling M. Plata

First Filipina with an international certificate in Workplace Mental Health Leadership and Whole-School Mental Health Leadership. Dr. Sterling Plata is a burnout survivor, so her mission is to help employees and organizations to develop powerful strategies to balance wellbeing, happiness, and productivity.  She is an unstoppable growth mindset advocate, a motivational speaker, and an inspiring retreat leader. 

Dr. Niño Jose Mateo, RGC, RPsy

Dr. Niño Jose Mateo is a practicing clinical psychologist, licensed psychologist, and registered guidance counselor. He placed first at the 2012 licensure board examination for guidance counselors.

For Inquiries, email us at: info@pvpi.ph

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