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Webinar 1:  General Orientation on Mental Health in the Workplace

  • Common issues in the workplace: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, & Burnout

  • How do you know if you’re still OK?

  • Red flags for needing professional help


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Webinar 3: Achieving Work-Life Balance in the New Normal

  • Redefining balance

  • Challenges in working from home

  • Strategies to have a life despite the WFH challenges


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Webinar 5: Building Psychological Resilience

  • Impact of the VUCA World (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous)

  • Bending without breaking

  • Action-oriented vs. problem-oriented approach to adjustment


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Webinar 2: Achieving Well-being and Happiness: The PERMA Approach

  • Wholistic Well-being

  • Strategies:  Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Achievement


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Webinar 4: Getting Things Done: Start and Keep G.O.I.N.G

  • Goal setting,

  • Identifying Options

  • Anticipating Inhibitions

  • Identifying Needs to sustain the effort,

  • Go – Getting things done.


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Webinar 6: Stress Management

  • How stress affects the brain

  • Powerful brain-friendly strategies

  • Mindfulness


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Webinar 7:  Dealing with Burnout

  • The 3 dimensions of burnout: feelings of exhaustion, feelings of cynicism, and reduced efficacy

  • Signs and symptoms of burnout: Physical, Emotional, and Behavioral

  • The 3 R approach to dealing with Burnout: Recognize, Reverse, and Resilience


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Webinar 8: The Place of Joy in the Workplace

  • Meaningfulness and purposefulness in the workplace

  • Develop self-motivation in times of setback

  • Developing multiple mutually supportive relationships

Kindness and compassion as a way to personal brand


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Webinar 9: Coping with Technostress

  • Assess one’s vulnerability to technostress

  • Discuss the importance of managing technostress in one’s personal life and in one’s organization

  • Explain the scientific evidence about technostress

  • Identify practical ways on how to limit the negative impact of technostress while maximizing the benefits of work from home


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Webinar 10:  Save a Life: Suicide Awareness and Prevention

  • What is suicide?

  • Suicide vs Self-harm

  • Warning Signs associated with suicide

  • What to do when someone reaches out?

  • Suicide protocol


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Webinar 11: How to Conduct a Helping Session

  • Basics of listening

  • What to do during crisis

  • Helping process: Relationship, Story and Strengths, Goals, Restory, Action


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Webinar 12: The Workplace as a Safe Space

  • Safe Space Act: rationale and general coverage

  • Focus on Workplace Bullying:

    • Examples of workplace bullying

    • Why bullies bully

    • Bullying risk factors

    • Impacts of workspace bullying on victims/survivors

    • Penalties under the Safe Spaces Act

  • How to make the workplace a safe space



Dr. Homer Yabut, RPsy

A registered psychologist who is also active in various community and organizational mental health issues.  He has a  Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and MS Psychology major in Industrial Counseling from De La Salle University.

Dr. Homer Yabut, RPsy

Dr. Rafael Henry Legaspi

Dr. Raffy Legaspi is a psychiatrist-in-training completing his residency at the Philippine General Hospital. He obtained his biology and medical degrees at Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan.

Afterward, he completed his post-graduate clinical internship at the Philippine General Hospital. At present, he is completing a research study on Covid-19 and Mental health.

Dr. Rafael Henry Legaspi

Dr. Marshall Valencia

Dr. Marshall Valencia is a social and organizational psychologist with 20 years of professional experience as an HR and organizational consultant, a trainer, and a social scientist. He has extensive experience in data analytics handling different types of market, customers, and human resource research projects across different industries.

Dr. Marshall Valencia

Dr. Niño Jose Mateo, RGC, RPsy

Dr. Niño Jose Mateo is a practicing clinical psychologist, licensed psychologist, and registered guidance counselor. He placed first at the 2012 licensure board examination for guidance counselors.

Dr. Niño Jose Mateo, RGC, RPsy

Dr. Rowalt Alibudbud

Rowalt Alibudbud is an assistant professorial lecturer at the De La Salle University and a diplomate of the Philippine Psychiatric Association.

He had been a consultant and a resource person for mental health and addiction projects for various government and non-government agencies. He obtained his nursing and medical degrees at the De La Salle HSI and UERM.