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eWellness Webinars

Exclusive online 1.5-hour webinars for your company's employees.
Choose from an array of webinar topics.

Create awareness. Change mindsets. Build practical skills.

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Webinar 1:  General Orientation on Mental Health in the Workplace

  • Common issues in the workplace: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, & Burnout

  • How do you know if you’re still OK?

  • Red flags for needing professional help


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Webinar 2: Achieving Well-being and Happiness: The PERMA Approach

  • Wholistic Well-being

  • Strategies:  Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Achievement


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Webinar 3: Achieving Work-Life Balance in the New Normal

  • Redefining balance

  • Challenges in working from home

  • Strategies to have a life despite the WFH challenges


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Webinar 4: Getting Things Done: Start and Keep G.O.I.N.G

  • Goal setting,

  • Identifying Options

  • Anticipating Inhibitions

  • Identifying Needs to sustain the effort,

  • Go – Getting things done.


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Webinar 5: Building Psychological Resilience

  • Impact of the VUCA World (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous)

  • Bending without breaking

  • Action-oriented vs. problem-oriented approach to adjustment


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Webinar 6: Stress Management

  • How stress affects the brain

  • Powerful brain-friendly strategies

  • Mindfulness


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Webinar 7:  Dealing with Burnout

  • The 3 dimensions of burnout: feelings of exhaustion, feelings of cynicism, and reduced efficacy

  • Signs and symptoms of burnout: Physical, Emotional, and Behavioral

  • The 3 R approach to dealing with Burnout: Recognize, Reverse, and Resilience


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Webinar 8: The Place of Joy in the Workplace

  • Meaningfulness and purposefulness in the workplace

  • Develop self-motivation in times of setback

  • Developing multiple mutually supportive relationships

Kindness and compassion as a way to personal brand


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Webinar 9: Coping with Technostress

  • Assess one’s vulnerability to technostress

  • Discuss the importance of managing technostress in one’s personal life and in one’s organization

  • Explain the scientific evidence about technostress

  • Identify practical ways on how to limit the negative impact of technostress while maximizing the benefits of work from home


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Webinar 10:  Save a Life: Suicide Awareness and Prevention

  • What is suicide?

  • Suicide vs Self-harm

  • Warning Signs associated with suicide

  • What to do when someone reaches out?

  • Suicide protocol


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Webinar 11: How to Conduct a Helping Session

  • Basics of listening

  • What to do during crisis

  • Helping process: Relationship, Story and Strengths, Goals, Restory, Action


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Webinar 12: The Workplace as a Safe Space

  • Safe Space Act: rationale and general coverage

  • Focus on Workplace Bullying:

    • Examples of workplace bullying

    • Why bullies bully

    • Bullying risk factors

    • Impacts of workspace bullying on victims/survivors

    • Penalties under the Safe Spaces Act

  • How to make the workplace a safe space


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Webinar 13: Parenting 101: Promoting the Well-being of Younger Generation this Pandemic

  • Mental Health Matters: The impacts of  Pandemic on the Younger Generation

  • Safeguarding tools and techniques in securing the younger ones

  • The pandemic and online Security: How can we protect the security of younger generation online


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Webinar 14: Renew, Restart, and Reset: Rebooting Yourself from Languishing to a More Flourishing Year

  • The languished Person: ·How Languishing Influenced your Previous year and How it Can Affect Your Upcoming Year

  • Beyond Languishing: Looking Back at your Strengths

  • Reframing your Mind to a Flourishing You

  • Getting Ready to a more Flourishing Year


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Webinar 15:  Understanding the Transitional Stress of your Workforce: Help your Employees Manage the Stress of Going Back to Office

  • The Transitional Stress: What is this and How to Handle it

  • Readjusting to the Workplace: Finding the New Balance

  • Supporting Reluctant Employees

  • Mental Health Tips on How to Support Staff that are Transitioning



Webinar 16: Optimizing Wellbeing in a Hybrid Workplace

  • Different hybrid working models

  • Programs and interventions for the hybrid working environment

  • The conversational role of managers in maintaining the wellness of their people


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Webinar 17: Awaken Your Inner Fire: Strategies for Igniting and Maintaining Your Passion in Life

  • Meaning and Languishing: Why Meaning is Related to One's Well-being?

  • Know Your Character Strengths

  • The Growth Mindset and Grit

  • Igniting your Inner Fire: Ways to Spark and Maintain your Passion in Life