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Event Details

Event Details

Resilience is one of the main elements that comprise our identity as Filipinos, and generates a deep sense of social interest. In the workplace, our resilience can be observed when we are confronted and able to manage tough workload as well as challenging and demanding situations. This means that we are able to “bounce back” when we encounter challenges or stressors that are inevitable in our life. However, despite the fact that resilience is a skill, being resilient doesn’t mean that you don’t experience stress, nor even emotional upheaval and suffering.

This webinar aims to aid participants in identifying and applying action-oriented approaches to the adjustments they must make in life. This will focus on the discovery of personal strengths of the participants that would help them bounce back and overcome challenges in life. Moreover, practical inputs in improving the practices in the workplace will also be discussed.

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● Impact of the VUCA World (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous)

● Bending without breaking

● Action-oriented vs. problem-oriented approach to adjustment


• Employees of any level

Learning Objectives

● Evaluate one’s personal level of psychological resilience.

● Identify strategies and life skills one can use to improve resilience.


Our Resource Speaker

Dr. Marshall Valencia

Dr. Marshall Valencia

Dr. Marshall Valencia is a social and organizational psychologist with 20 years of professional experience as an HR and organizational consultant, a trainer, and a social scientist. He has extensive experience in data analytics handling different types of market, customers, and human resource research projects across different industries. He was a former faculty member and director for research at the Nottingham University Business School Currently, he also teaches Statistics and HR Analytics courses in the graduate program of the University of the Philippines Psychology Department. He has published his researches and presented in scientific conferences in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, U.S.A., Australia, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Dr. Marshall Valencia

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