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Event Details

Event Details

  • The Mental Health and Work Arrangements: How Can our Mental Health be Affected by Work Arrangements?

  • Differentiating a WFH employee, a Hybrid employee, and an on-site employee

  • Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace through Activities

  • Applying ADDIE Model in Crafting Mental Health Activities

  • Assessing the Mental Health Needs of Employees

  • Establishing Measurable Plans

  • Measuring your Mental Health Activities

  • Intervention Pyramid for Mental Health

  • Developing Mental Health Activities in the Workplace

  • Positive Psychology and Mental Health Activities

  • Self-directed Mental Health Activities

September 6-7, 2023

8:30am to 12:00nn

Via Zoom

(+632) 8404 9524


Our Resource Speaker

Alessandra Arpon, RPsy

Alessandra Arpon, RPsy

Aless is working in education, research, assessment, and mental health awareness, treatment, and care. She earned her BS psychology from Far Eastern University – Manila with a Magna Cum Laude distinction and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from De La Salle University – Manila where she is a Ph. D. candidate in Clinical Counseling Psychology. She completed a diploma in Workplace Learning and Development from De La Salle-College of St. Benilde.

Aless is a top-notch, licensed psychologist. In 2017, she ranked 5th in the licensure examination for psychologist in 2017. Currently, she plays a vital role in guiding and supporting counselors’ professional development. She serves as a clinical supervisor in In Touch Community Services and holds the co-chair position of the Psychological Association of the Philippines, Counseling Division. Additionally, she contributes to academia as a faculty member of the Department of Psychology at De La Salle University Manila, the number 1 school in Psychology in the Philippines.

Aless works as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) practitioner and a workplace wellness coach. She has training from world-renowned institutes such as Beck Institute and Workplace Options.

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