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Due to the pandemic, leaders might have been accustomed to problems, difficulties, and challenges in all aspects. Adjustments are commonly made to cater the needs of employees, clients, and management. As we make these adjustments for others, leaders have to adjust as well. How we handle problems, communicate with employees, solve crisis and the like would need to be modified as we transition to the new normal. This training focuses on leaders’ management skills in the new normal. It will also cover leading the organization, oneself, and others in this new normal.


At the end of the training, participants should be able to:

1. Recognize their own characteristics and skillset in leading teams

2. Demonstrate better communication skills in a remote workspace

3. Display confidence in supervising and managing teams

4. Adapt leadership styles which fits participants’ culture and the new normal


· Team Leaders/Supervisors

· Managers

· Business Owners

Day 1

· Back to basics: Manager Qualities, Roles and Responsibilities

· Personal Characteristics Linked with Leadership

· Ethics for Managers (Remote, Work from Office, and Hybrid)

· Dealing with the New Ways: ACW

· Attitudes towards work – Agile and Resilient

· Communicating – how to effectively communicate online?

· Working – Set Up

Day 2

· Managing Employees in a Virtual Workspace

       · Common Remote Work Challenges

       · Providing Support to Employees

· Motivating Employees in times of Pandemic

· Increasing Employees’ Productivity

Our Resource Speakers

Mr. Joffre O Chua

Mr. Joffre O. Chua has over 25 years of experience in corporate training and management consulting. He has successfully designed and implemented training programs on business communication, sales and marketing, customer service, employee wellness, team development, and management skills enhancement for companies in a wide range of industries

Mr. Gerald Peñaranda is a registered psychologist who also received his certification from the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) to specialize in the practice of Industrial- Organizational Psychology.

Mr. Gerald Peñaranda

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