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Happiness and Well-being in the Workplace

Happiness and Well-being are terms we use pretty often in our everyday lives. With that, it leads their definition to be puzzling and vague. People must be more aware of what these concepts actually encapsulate. As we transition away from the pandemic, it rises to ultimately understand these concepts, such as their distinction from one another or how to tend to these constructs when they are affected.

Various researchers expound on happiness as the current state of mind. Like embodying a generally positive emotional condition or simply being satisfied with life. Happiness is a central component of one’s well-being, but still only one component. Well-being encapsulates a broader spectrum. It encompasses the overall stature of a person from physical to mental, from external to internal contexts– primarily involving a wide range of domains.

As such, happiness and well-being are essential to the workforce. Not only for the individual benefit of each employee but the overall productivity and success of the organization. Happiness in the workplace is reflected as employees being energized and enthusiastic about working, satisfied with their job, and putting quality effort with their respective outputs. Typically, when that is observed, it entails that their well-being is healthy and intact. But keep in mind that their personal life could also affect their overall well-being. That is why it is also crucial for companies to provide proper avenues of support for their employees.

Companies should encapsulate a workplace atmosphere that values their employees’ happiness and overall health— integrating the significance of how they feel and showing that they care and are ready to help. Emphasizing a work-life balance could be a starting point for companies on how to address their employees’ overall well-being. Another is fostering a work culture that practices open communication between co-workers, most especially between subordinates and supervisors.

In general, understanding happiness and well-being and proposing strategies to nurture and improve such within the workplace can lead to greater heights for the organization. Comprehending the importance of these constructs can teach companies how to maximize such for their employees and the further progression of the company's goals and objectives.


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