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Sexual harassment in the workplace negatively affects the level of motivation and performance of employees because of the uncomfortable and threatening environment that it provides. In the age of gender and development mainstreaming, there is no place for sexual harassment in the workplace anymore. Modernization and sustainability within the company calls for a sexual harassment-free workplace. The RA 11313: Safe Spaces Act that was signed into law in 2019 is intended to address the many types of sexual harassment in public spaces as well as in the workplace. Aside from detailing the acts of harassment punishable by law, RA 11313 also expounds on the responsibilities of employers in ensuring safe and conducive spaces for its employees. This webinar will enhance the participants’ capacity to foster a safe space in their workplace by understanding the basics of the Safe Spaces Act.


• To develop a layperson’s understanding of the Safe Spaces Act including its 

salient points and coverage, the duties of the employer, and the 

corresponding sanctions stated in the law  

• To learn about preventive and protective measures that may be put in place in 

the workplace to create safe spaces for all 


Employees of any level 

• Introduction of the speaker 

• Pre-test using Mentimeter 

• Why do we need another law on 

sexual harassment?

• Definition of sexual harassment; 

acts punishable by law 

• Areas/ Settings covered by the law 

focusing on the workplace (streets, 

public spaces, online, educational 

and training institutions) 

• Duties of the employer 

• Sanctions and penalties

• Presentation of two real-life cases 

and the ruling of the courts 

• Preventive and protective 

measures that need to be 

established in the workplace

• Post-test using Mentimeter 

Our Resource Speaker

Lyka Lucena

Lyka is a licensed social worker and a certified specialist in woman & child protection. She finished her BS Social Work degree in UP Diliman and she is presently taking her MS in Psychology in De La Salle University. Lyka has extensive experience in providing mental health and psychosocial support to different populations. She worked with MSF (Doctors Without Borders) and Likhaan Center for 3 years to cater to the needs of sexual violence victim-survivors in Tondo, Manila and led the mental health and psychosocial support to people affected by COVID-19 in the same community. Just this year, she was able to facilitate basic psychological processing to the Myanmar youth activists as well as to Filipino teachers struggling through the pandemic. Her skills also include training laypersons to become mental health support providers. Currenly, she is a coordinator in Lunas Collective, an organization providing online feminist support to women experiencing violence during the pandemic. She is also working on several research engagements with DLSU. Lyka is passionate about mental health, feminism, and children’s rights.

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