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Planning and Creating Mental Health Activities in the Workplace

Updated: 5 days ago

The topic of mental health has once again become a very popular one. Indeed, mental health is an important part of our well-being – especially after all the difficult events we have experienced over the last few years. The pandemic and transitioning to the new normal have both been hard on a lot of people, and many are now fighting to prioritize their health.

Unfortunately, when some of us are stuck in a toxic environment, our overall well-being suffers. When we are constantly surrounded by negativity, a lack of support, and a ton of responsibilities that add more pressure on us, caring for ourselves becomes quite a challenge. This is why organizations must be sensitive towards their workers and understand why prioritizing their mental health is important.

For instance, companies who lack proper resources to support mental health may notice that their employees struggle with:

- Low levels of productivity and poor job performance,

- Lack of engagement,

- Insufficient communication,

- Poor decision-making skills.

In general, it becomes tough for employees to function on a daily basis. Moreso, when this goes on for a long time, employees may lose interest in their job - or their organization - and resign as a result. So, if your organization wants to benefit from employees who have:

- High levels of productivity and engagement,

- Positive traits such as confidence, resilience, and empathy,

- Good coping mechanisms and stress management,

- Great cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

… then, you must start gaining awareness on the importance of mental health in the workplace and learn a variety of ways to create a positive, psychologically safe work environment!

So, how exactly can organizations do this?

One way of doing so is by planning and creating activities which promote and support employee mental health. However, before doing so, organization