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Technostress: What Exactly Is It?

There is a new term that has been gaining popularity in recent years known as “technostress”. Many of us might not have heard of it yet, but all of us must learn exactly what “technostress” is to raise awareness and prevent ourselves from suffering from it.

Technostress, as given in the name, is a form of stress that stems from the rise in the use of technology. As defined by the American Psychological Association, it is a form of occupational stress which is deeply rooted in the use of Information and Communication Technologies such as the Internet, our mobile phones, or computers.

Aside from it being stress from the use of technology, technostress can also stem from the inability to cope with the use of or the struggle in adapting to technology and new technological advancements. Technology is now a huge aspect in our lives, and new technological advancements are constantly on the rise making it hard to keep up. When we struggle to adapt and understand these changes, we experience distress.

What does this have to do with work? Since the pandemic, many companies have shifted to remote work to keep business running. As we transitioned to the new normal, several of these companies have opted to keep remote work as an option for workers who wish to do so. This, in turn, results in the struggle to disconnect from the online world, making it harder for workers to set a boundary between work and personal life.

While there is still a lack of research on technostress, many scientists have already listed down some potential symptoms of technostress. These include a range of symptoms impacting both psychological and physical well-being, such as:

• Difficulties concentrating

• Struggles with productivity

• Bad posture and muscle tension

• Insomnia

• Burnout

• Chronic fatigue

• Anxiety

• Depression

Many of us can acknowledge that technology has made our lives easier: we can communicate with people from all over the world, we are able to buy our necessities online, we can even pay our bills and see our bank accounts in a few easy clicks. However, we should never be so dependent on its use.

Technostress comes in when people either do not understand how to use technology or when we become too dependent that it becomes an addiction. People all over the world are already struggling to disconnect from the online world. Our phones are constantly in our hands, we spend hours on a chair facing our computers, we eat in front of the television.

We must be wary of this and learn how to disconnect to properly care for both our mental and physical well-being.


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