Fundamentals of HR Analytics Year II

March 25, 2019 - Premier Value Provider, Inc. (PVP) conducted another run of the Fundamentals of HR Analytics held last March 19 to 20 at I'M Hotel, Makati. The topic of HR Analytics is slowly gaining ground in the Philippines and these HR professionals are eager to apply this in their respective companies. Here are some of their comments.

“(I liked the..) new learnings specially using unfamiliar systems in computing the data and refresher in statistics.”

“Actual application for JAMOVI and PowerBI”

“Topic is very interesting and relevant to my work”

"The facilitator described all topics clearly"

“(the workshop has) very relevant information”

"(I liked the..) speaker and the case studies/exercises"

Several runs of the Fundamentals of HR Analytics will be held this year. The next date will be on April 10 to 11 at Quest Hotel, Cebu. You may inquire or reserve slots for the event through or call (02) 404-9524.

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