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Building the Foundation for Better Business: Our First Training of the Year on Mental Health Program Development

Updated: Mar 8

Mental Health Program Development

Creating workplace mental health program can feel overwhelming with so many theories and practices. Our recent training on Mental Health Program Development: Best Practices for the Workplace cut through the confusion. Over three days, participants learned from two experts using evidence-based models and holistic approaches.

On Day 1, Sir Gerald laid the groundwork, outlining the clear rationale for prioritizing mental health, from benefits to the bottom line to the current crisis. Participants then learned the key steps to develop and roll out targeted workplace mental health programs, from assessments to implementation and evaluation.

Guiding Day 2, Dr. Alessandra Arpon led an integrated approach encompassing illness prevention and management alongside promoting well-being. Attendees gathered specific strategies to recognize distressed employees, mitigate workplace stressors, build resilience, and more.

Sir Gerald ended Day 3 by pulling everything together into actionable plans. Armed with comprehensive materials and knowledge, participants left equipped to create or elevate workplace wellness programs at their own organizations.

Clearly this workshop struck a chord, as we received many inquiries from those unable to attend the first session. Fortunately, we will be running the training again on April 23-24, with early bird registration now open! Don't miss out on this opportunity for enhancing or starting your organization's mental health program. Join us by clicking this link: Mental Health Program Development: Best Practices for the Workplace (

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