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Clear Communication, Better Results: Navigating the Business Communication Landscape

Updated: Mar 13

On July 14th, PVP organized an engaging training for C.F. Sharp Crew Management Inc., called "The Write Stuff: The Do's and Don'ts in Business Writing," with the help of Ms. Vina Vidal Vicente. The day was filled with activities and personal stories that helped participants learn effective business communication and writing techniques.

The morning session began with participants introducing themselves, then smoothly transitioning to the discussion of communication foundations through a fun game of ball, clap, snap, and wink passing, which demonstrated the complexity of handling numerous emails. Then, Ms. Vina began discussing the right mindset for successful communication. She provided examples of how meanings could be misunderstood and explored how people often take on the roles of victims or villains in challenging communication scenarios. She shared tips on how to handle these reactions, emphasizing the importance of staying calm and patient when communicating with clients or colleagues. The morning session concluded with a group sharing activity where participants discussed their own experiences with falling into the victim or villain mindset. Then this was followed by a "kumustahan" session with Ms. Vina that fostered further discussions and clarifications.

During the afternoon session, Ms. Vina led the participants through the writing process, step by step, incorporating relevant activities. For instance, during the purpose phase, they were tasked with writing about what they needed to communicate the following week. Then the following discussions involved how to handle difficult clients and sharing of real-life experiences where personal lives were impacted. The emphasis in this session was on connecting with the audience on a relatable level, highlighting how understanding the purpose and audience determines the right tone, language, and emotional content in their communication.

Progressing to the rough draft phase, Ms. Vina provided different email formats and examples to help the participants. She encouraged them to share their drafts, offering constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. In the tightening phase, they briefly discussed on how they can improve their English fluency. Lastly, the participants learned the importance of having someone review their final draft, demonstrated through an engaging activity with an illusion image. This underscored how external feedback helps catch errors and enhance their writing.

Overall, this training with Ms. Vina was valuable and enlightening for the participants. The mix of engaging activities, personal stories, and Ms. Vina’s supportive questions, constructive comments, and well-timed jokes made it an enjoyable and educational training day. We hope that the participants left the workshop feeling more confident and inspired to apply they had learned in their professional communication.

If your organization is interested in similar trainings, please reach out to us at +632-8404-9524 or send us an email at Additionally, you can explore our website to discover other training topics we offer.

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