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How's Your Company's Leadership Training?

Updated: Mar 13

PVP in November sees the culmination of IOI’s LeaderSIP sessions!

When you become a leader, it does not mean you have reached the final point. Leadership is a continuous process of learning, adapting, and growing. The right mindset is always making an effort to do better, to be better.

On November 24, Interasia Outsourcing, Inc. had their last LeaderSIP session with Ms. Vina Vicente as the facilitator. This interactive session allowed our IOI leaders to share and demonstrate their experiences and knowledge with leadership. The atmosphere made everyone comfortable, creating an open dialogue to explore leadership from different perspectives. It was a learning experience enjoyed by all.

As this LeaderSIP session caps the year off, it has undoubtedly left a mark and instilled lessons to be carried forward in becoming the best leader they can be.

Thank you IOI leaders! We hope to see you all again next time.

PVP's "LeaderSIP - Brewing Next Gen Leaders" offers companies curated topics for their leaders as they work and lead together to strengthen organizational culture, improve team cohesion, and become effective leaders overall. Virtual or face-to-face sessions are semi-structured, so it is perfect for adult learners who are also busy executives. For your leadership training needs, email us at or call us at 8404-9524 for inquiries.

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