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Leveling Up Your Workforce With Basic Problem-Solving & Innovation Skills

Updated: Aug 4

Problem-solving and innovation skills are two of the most sought-after skills in today’s work environment. To help navigate through unforeseen problems and circumstances, basic problem-solving and innovation enable employees to adapt quickly and find creative solutions. The ability of an organization’s workforce to identify and address issues in the workplace efficiently can lead to increased employee engagement and productivity.

A workforce that is properly equipped with the skills and knowledge of basic problem-solving and innovation is essential for organizations to thrive in the dynamic world we find ourselves in today. The presence of these would result in the improvement of the company’s products, services, and processes to better suit customer needs. In turn, this contributes to an organization’s long-term growth and success.

On July 18 and July 19, PVP conducted back-to-back problem-solving training sessions with the employees of Telstra and InterAsia Outsource, Inc. (IOI). These sessions were headed by Mr. Ross Villamil, a seasoned HR Practitioner and Management Consultant with more than 30 years of experience. The training provided participants with tools to effectively define, measure, analyze, and resolve problems in the workplace. The team was able to successfully facilitate both an online and face-to-face implementation of the workshop, with both set-ups proving to be effective in engaging and imparting knowledge to the participants.

Leveling Up Your Workforce With Basic Problem-Solving & Innovation Skills

The training program included models and frameworks to equip the participants to be able to tackle the challenges of problem-solving and innovation. Participants were able to learn specialized techniques through a combination of lectures, discussions, and practical exercises.

Leveling Up Your Workforce With Basic Problem-Solving & Innovation Skills

In addition, the participants were tasked to apply their learnings to real-life examples and case studies they were currently facing in their respective organizations.

The training served as an opportunity for them to look deeper in how they approach problems and instill a mindset of continuous improvement.

Leveling Up Your Workforce With Basic Problem-Solving & Innovation Skills

With the expertise and knowledge of Mr. Ross Villamil, both trainings were positively received by the employees of Telstra and IOI. The success of these sessions would not have been possible without the active participation and engagement shown by the participants. Hope to see you again next time!

Employees of Telstra and IOI

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