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Webinar: Money and Mental Health

Updated: Mar 13

On April 18, we started the day by conducting a Webinar: Money and Mental Health together with the employees of Avida Land Corp. We were joined by our friends from Bellavita and Amaia.

PVP's Dr. Marshall Valencia and Sir Mightor Hernandez shared their expertise and views on how financial wellness influences our overall well-being. They also shared tips on living financially smart.

Being financially literate can save us from the horrors of debt and depression, but we cannot easily shortcut our way to financial freedom because it first requires honesty, discipline, and consistency to change our bad money habits.

We are grateful to everyone who joined our session. We hope that we were able to provide you with information and tips that would assist you in managing your finances better and staying financially healthy. Let this be the start of establishing a disciplined routine and making the decision to be financially wise for our future selves.

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