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Prioritizing Employee Mental Health in the Modern Workplace: Insights from the IBPAP Forum

On August 29, IT & Business Process Association Philippines (IBPAP) hosted a forum titled "Employee Mental Health in Evolving Work Environments." Ms. Celeste Ilagan discussed its primary focus on mental health amidst changing work conditions, emphasizing the importance of well-being for modern organizations. The forum aimed to provide insights and strategies, promoting resilience, work-life balance, and mental health support. Its ultimate goal was to inspire workplaces to prioritize their employees mental health.

Our distinguished President and Director for Research, Dr. Marshall Valencia, proudly served as the forum's keynote speaker. His 45-minute presentation focused on our updated study regarding Employee Engagement and Wellbeing in the Philippines spanning four years. Dr. Marshall highlighted the ongoing mental health crisis and the imperative for additional mental health programs, including awareness campaigns, psychological skill development, and access to professional help. Investing in a mentally healthy workforce benefits businesses, leading to increased engagement, job satisfaction, eNPS, and retention. He also stressed the importance of tracking employee mental health as part of HR KPIs. Furthermore, Dr. Marshall emphasized understanding and addressing the evolving needs of the younger generation, who comprise 90% of the Philippine workforce and are particularly at risk for mental health issues.

Following Dr. Marshall's presentation, Mr. Floyd Batongbakal, Supervising Psychologist at MedGrocer, offered a complementary mini-talk on nurturing employee well-being with proactive strategies. The event then seamlessly transitioned into a dynamic panel discussion, featuring Dr. Marshall, Mr. Floyd, and three HR Leads from IBPAP Member organizations: Atty. Jamea Garcia (Alorica), Ivy De Borja (Acquire BPO), and Enaflor Rivera-Yulo (UST). Expertly moderated by Mr. Raph Santos, Lead in Corporate Mental Health Program at MedGrocer.

The panel explored how the shift from remote to in-person work is affecting employees' mental health and engagement. Striking a balance between support and boundaries emerged as a key theme. The discussion also touched on challenges like blurred personal-work boundaries and hesitancy in using employee assistance programs. They discussed adapting mental health support for hybrid work and managing employees with mental health issues. Overall, the panel highlighted the complexity of workplace mental health and the need for organizations to navigate it thoughtfully.

In conclusion, the forum emphasized the importance of proactive measures, leadership involvement, and ongoing adaptation to prioritize employee mental health in evolving work environments.

Should you have a keen interest in learning from our esteemed President and Director of Research, Dr. Marshall, we encourage you to visit our website: There, you can access in-depth information about the various programs where he lends his expertise as a speaker.

If you have any questions, training needs, or require further assistance, our dedicated team is here to help. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at +632-8404-9524 or send us an email at We're committed to providing you with exceptional support and guidance.

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