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PVP Continues with its Commitment for All Companies to have a Mental Health Program in Place

Updated: May 2, 2023

In PVP's three-day training for Designing and Developing Mental Health Programs in the Workplace, Mr. Gerald Penaranda and Ms. Alessandra Arpon educated the participants in understanding why there is such a need to create mental health programs and the proper execution of mental healthcare policies in organizations.

Three years ago, the Philippines included mental health as a part of the basic healthcare needs of the Filipinos by passing the Philippine Mental Health Act. By having this law, one of the mandates of the government is for organizations to have mental health programs to improve and protect the mental well-being of the employees.

With the combination of our facilitators’ expertise and the guidelines of the Philippine Mental Health Law, participants learned how to identify causes and factors that may affect the mental well-being of the employees. They were also taught how to properly intervene in situations that require mental health first aid. The most important information imparted is how all of these mental health steps contribute in creating a mental health program that is designed specifically for the mental health needs of a given industry and its integration and compliance with the law.

We asked the participants for their feedback regarding the training and we are glad that they found the training helpful and educational. Almost 90% of the participants found the training excellent and beyond their expectations. The feedback also showed that the participants found the training highly relevant and highly necessary. The participants also gave high remarks on our experts as they have made this training interactive yet simple and straightforward.

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