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PVP's Webinar Unveils Strategies for Psychological Resilience

PVP recently conducted a webinar session on how to Build Psychological Resilience for one of its clients, Leslie’s, and it was led by our very own, Dr. Marshall Valencia.

Dr. Marshall started off by explaining to Leslie employees how our world is a very volatile place, that our world is fast paced, ambiguous, and always a changing environment. The world’s volatility is related to the deteriorating mental health of employees.

He then presented data supporting the claim. The data presented that burn out and anxiety levels of employees were just similar pre-pandemic and post-pandemic, and that the pandemic period was just an additional factor that increased burnout and anxiety amongst employees. Our world is thus a volatile and disruptive place, even if the pandemic had not happened.

Furthermore, another data presented found that the world’s volatility, coming from the workplace, family, economy, etc., affected Gen Z’s and Gen Y’s the most. Gen Zs are the future of our Philippine workforce, whilst Gen Y’s make up most of our country’s workforce.

Dr. Marshall then encouraged Leslie employees to recognize how they were burnt-out or anxious in their workplaces through interactive discussions and videos.

Having made Leslie employees recognize their unique sources of burnout and anxieties in the workplace and also outside of it, he then presented various strategies on how to overcome burnout and anxiety.

Dr. Marshall’s prescriptions made a lasting impression on Leslie employees, as seen through the interactions and questions asked after the presentation.

Leslie employees’ willingness to open up and contribute their personal perspectives added layers of depth and authenticity to the webinar. This exchange of insights and experiences transformed our learning session into a deeply meaningful experience.

So, we extend our gratitude to our friends at Leslie’s for entrusting us with the mission of prioritizing the mental health and well-being of their employees. Your commitment to fostering a supportive and healthy workplace is truly commendable!

Need assistance with your organization's mental health program? Feel free to reach out to us via email at or by giving us a call at 8404 9524. You can also explore our website,, to discover other webinars, trainings, and services that might align with your interests. Let us help you build a thriving workplace culture!

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