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Laughter and Learning: LOL@Work Training at InterAsia Outsource Inc.

InterAsia Outsource Inc. (IOI) kicked off Valentine's Day 2024 with a dose of humor and happiness, thanks to an exclusive in-house training session by Premier Value Provider, Inc. The session, titled "LOL@Work: Harnessing Humor for Boosting Your Team's Spirits," was facilitated by renowned speaker Ross Villamil.

IOI team members gathered in the company's Makati office for the three-hour session, which aimed to showcase the power of humor in creating a more positive, engaged, and collaborative workplace culture.

The interactive training explored findings on the benefits of humor at work, including boosted morale, lower stress, and higher productivity. Sir Ross highlighted how humor strengthens relationships, creativity, and communication within teams.

He also analyzed the roots of Filipino humor and led the group through humor exercises and case studies relevant to office dynamics. Key learnings included using humor to build camaraderie, foster resilience, and find joy amidst daily work struggles.

After the session, the IOI team already seemed visibly uplifted - perhaps this is a start of a more lighthearted, unified workplace culture!

If you're interested in having this training for your organization, we can help! At Premier Value Provider, Inc., we believe humor and levity are key to creating a thriving workplace culture. That's why we offer ths exclusive LOL@Work training for organizations seeking to boost team morale, strengthen relationships, and tap into the power of laughter.

So if your organization is facing declining engagement, motivation, and happiness at work, or the employees are succumbing to burnout amidst the stresses and grind of daily work life… our LOL@Work training is right for you. We promise an entertaining, eye-opening and uplifting session that will equip your team with skills to harness humor for a happier, more engaged organizational culture.

This interactive 3-hour training is also customized specially for Filipino audiences. It goes beyond generic humor advice to provide actionable techniques rooted in psychology research and the unique humor styles of Pinoys.

So if you're ready to bring more smiles, camaraderie and joy to your workplace, contact us today to discuss booking this in-house training for your team!

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