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Kicking Off Mental Health Month: A Collaboration Between Safeway Philtech and PVP

Updated: May 17

On May 08, at their office in BGC, Safeway Philtech, in partnership with PVP, marked a crucial advancement in promoting mental well-being by kicking off their Mental Health Month activities. The event started with an essential opening speech by our very own, Mr. Gerald Penaranda, RPsy, who spoke with dedication about the critical importance of mental health awareness.

Mr. Penaranda shared his own uplifting journey of overcoming mental health challenges, underscoring the message that such battles should never be faced alone. He advocated for open communication about mental health issues and urged all attendees to share their experiences and seek professional guidance when necessary. Another notable moment during his talk was the introduction of PVP’s "Listening Room", providing a dedicated space for direct access to mental health professionals, therefore creating a supportive environment for those in need.

We are excited to announce a series of engaging and educational events scheduled throughout the month, dedicated to our valued partner, Safeway Philtech. As proud collaborators with Safeway Philtech, we are deeply committed to enhancing mental health education and support among our partner's workforce. To this end, we will host a General Mental Health Orientation accessible to all employees. Additionally, we've designed a specialized workshop entitled "Burn Bright, Not Out: Unlocking Your Leadership Skills in Buffering Stress and Burnout”. This workshop, aimed at leaders and managers, will be conducted in two sessions, each tailored to provide tools and insights to manage stress effectively and prevent burnout.

Stay tuned for more enriching activities in the upcoming weeks that promise to transform your approach to workplace mental health!

Interested in elevating your organization's mental health strategies? Contact us to discover more about PVP's mental health services. We also offer customizable solutions, tailored specifically to meet your unique needs, ensuring your approach to mental health is as effective and proactive as possible.

Should you or your organization need to consult with a mental health professional, or if you're considering implementing an Employee Assistance Program, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to facilitate connections with our team of experts, offering the support you need to foster a healthier, more resilient workforce.

This Mental Health Month, let's commit to breaking the stigma and nurturing a culture of care within our workplaces. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of our employees.

If you have any questions or need additional information about PVP's mental health services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact our team by phone at 8404-9524 or send us an email at We are here to provide you with any details and support necessary for your organization's mental health requirements.

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