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Transformation through Training: BFAR's Thorough Training on Data Automation and Visualization Using Microsoft PowerBI

From April 24 to 26, 2024, PVP hosted the first batch of two three-day training sessions on Data Automation and Reporting with Visualization using Microsoft PowerBI at the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. The training gathered BFAR’s data enthusiasts and specialists eager to boost their skills with the latest tools and methods crucial for today's data-driven world.

Day 1: Fundamentals and Foundation

We kicked off the training by digging into the fundamentals of data automation. Participants were introduced to the key concepts and benefits of automating data processes, setting the stage for more complex topics. The focus then shifted to visualization techniques, providing the attendees with a robust framework to transform raw data into compelling visual stories. As they explored PowerBI, the room was charged with the excitement of unlocking new possibilities.


Day 2: Hands-On Application

The second day was uniquely structured for asynchronous learning, giving participants the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge in a practical setting. This day was dedicated to a focused dashboard project where each participant crafted their own visual data narratives. This hands-on approach allowed for deeper understanding and personal application of the lessons discussed on the first day, truly representing the principle of learning by doing.


Day 3: A Showcase of Innovation and Expertise

The final day of the training was both a celebration and a demonstration of the skills enhanced over the previous days. Participants presented their dashboard projects, showcasing their ability to apply advanced visualization techniques and automation processes. The presentations were not just a display of technical proficiency but also of creativity and strategic thinking in data representation.

Acknowledging the Experts

A special mention goes out to our very own Director for Research and Analytics, Dr. Marshall Valencia, and Mr. Mark Jervin Villanueva, our IT Manager and DPO. Their expertise was essential, providing the participants with insights and guidance that enriched the learning experience. Their dedication has been essential in the success of this training.


As we look forward to welcoming Batch 2 in May, we reflect on the productive sessions that have just concluded, confident that the skills imparted will lead to transformative impacts in how they handle data at BFAR. And with the participants' positive feedback and praising the comprehensive course, hands-on approach, and the powerful impact on their data management capabilities, we are confident that our solutions can deliver similar transformative results for other organizations.


Looking to Empower Your Team?

Are you interested in tailor-made training for your team? At PVP, we believe in the power of customized learning solutions to meet specific professional needs. Let's collaborate to design training sessions that perfectly align with your team's goals and challenges. Join us in shaping a future where data drives decisions, powered by expertise and innovation.


Stay tuned for more updates and training opportunities. Here’s to growing and learning together in the exciting field of data automation and visualization!

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