Bawal Bastos Law: A Recap

At this time, there is no place for sexual harassment in establishments, public spaces, workplaces, or even online. As part of our celebration of Women’s Month, PVP conducted a webinar on Creating Safe Spaces in the Workplace: Introduction to the Bawal Bastos Law on March 15, 2022, having Ms. Lyka Lucena as the resource speaker.

Over 100 participants all over the country joined our webinar which discussed sexual harassment and its corresponding punishments according to the law. The webinar also focused on different areas and settings which are covered by the Safe Spaces Act such as streets, public spaces, online, educational and training institutions, and the workplace. The salient points from the first degree to the third degree and their corresponding punishments were also focused on.

Participants were also informed about the effects of sexual harassment on the victims. Moreover, the discussions also revolved around the duties and responsibilities of the employers as well as the employees as we actively create measures to establish and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. A sample case was also discussed to help the participants better understand the processes and avenues provided for by the law in dealing with sexual harassment.

Participants would like to know more about certain aspects introduced in the webinar like creating the committee (CODI - Committee on Decorum and Investigation), harassment online, and the like. Watch out for more Safe Spaces webinars as we zero in on various aspects to help you update your workplace standards. Visit our training webpage:

Thank you to our participants and we hope we’re all one step closer to a sexual harassment-free workplace!

Call us at 8404-9524 or mail us at if you want to conduct our webinar on Creating Safe Spaces in the Workplace: Introduction to the Bawal Bastos in-house!

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