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Workplace Mental Health Programs, Policies, and Services

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

On November 21, 2023, Ms. Alesandra Arpon, one of PVP’s valued resource persons, conducted a workshop for Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA).

BCDA is a recurring, and valued client of PVP and has asked us to conduct a workshop for them in identifying workplace stressors in their workplace. This is in line with their current mission of cultivating a healthier workspace optimized for the mental well-being of their employees.

Ms. Aless started the workshop by having BCDA employees introduce themselves, their roles, and what they were looking for in the workshop. As said, the employees mentioned that they shared their organization’s values in fostering a better work space that values mental health. It was also mentioned that all of them were working together to promote a better work place for mental health, since one employee alone can’t bring towards their shared goal.

Ms. Aless introduced a few activities in the work shop. One of the very first ones were where Ms. Aless asked the BCDA employees questions such as:

- How well do BCDA employees know if they have an optimized workspace for fostering mental well being

- What were the current well-being facilitators in their workplace.

Attendees from BCDA participated with liveliness towards the questions Ms. Aless asked, with many sharing joyful laughter as they settled in with their answers.

Other activities Ms. Aless conducted were for BCDA employees to identify workplace stressors in their workplace and for them to identify their current Mental Health State. These activities were met with insightful answers, as the activities made up much of the work shop time wise. Along with the insightful answers, BCDA employees also discussed with Ms. Aless on how they can establish a stronger mental health advocacy within their organization.

One insightful moment was when Ms. Aless asked the attendees if there was still a stigma on Mental Health in their work place and the BCDA employees answered unanimously that there was. This moment showed that BCDA acknowledged short comings in their workplace towards mental health and it was aligned with their goal of promoting a better work space for the well-being of each and one of them.

BCDA’s drive towards a better work space for mental health was obvious throughout the workshop. Not only did the employees propose insightful answers, they also discussed among themselves and towards Ms. Aless their current initiatives in their organization in promoting a better work space for mental health.

We extend our gratitude to our friends at BCDA for entrusting us with the mission of promoting a better workplace optimized for Mental Health for their employees. Your commitment to fostering a supportive and healthy workplace is truly commendable!

Need assistance with your organization's mental health program? Feel free to reach out to us via email at or by giving us a call at 8404 9524. You can also explore our website,, to discover other webinars, trainings, and services that might align with your interests. Let us help you build a thriving workplace culture!

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