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Mental Health Training Series: The Aug-Sept Run

Updated: May 3, 2023

Over 100 participants from 44 companies attended our recently concluded Mental Health Training Series with some completing all three courses.

These companies know that investing in the mental health of their workforce is investing in the future of their companies

Participants of our Designing and Developing Mental Health Programs online workshop have said..

Participants of our Managing Employee Mental Health and Well-being online workshop gave us the following feedback:

Participants of our Mental Health First Aid September run have mentioned that:

In case you missed it the last time, this is your chance to attend this year’s last run of the Mental Health Training Series:

Managing Employee Mental Health and Well-being - to equip managers and supervisors the necessary skills to address mental health issues and concerns of your employees

Mental Health First Aid - to provide managers and other employees the knowledge of how to "first aid" employees experiencing mental health issues.

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