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Predictive Analytics for HR

Many current business issues can be addressed using predictive analytics, and more individuals are starting to see its potential. To address pertinent business issues like "What portion of potential customers would respond best to our message" and "Why am I losing clients, and how can I stop them from going," businesses are turning to predictive analytics for sound decision-making. Even though companies can benefit significantly from using predictive analytics, deploying them generally runs into difficulties due to a need for more publicly available information on how to do so.

With predictive analytics, data patterns in the past and present are examined to see if they are likely to have a significant impact on the variable that is being looked into. This enables companies and investors to target where they allocate their resources to profit from potential future occurrences. Additionally, operational savings and risk reduction can be increased through predictive analysis (Halton, 2021). Predictive analytics is also used to detect fraud, enhance processes, and optimize marketing campaigns.

Businesses frequently employ predictive models to forecast inventory and manage resources. Airlines use predictive analytics to set ticket prices. Hotels try to predict how many visitors they will have on any night to maximize occupancy and increase revenue. Predictive analytics helps organizations operate more efficiently. Predictive analytics is used to forecast customer behavior or purchases and promote cross-selling opportunities. Predictive models help firms attract, retain, and grow their most lucrative customers (SAS Institute Inc., 2022).

Of course, predictive analytics is also used to attract, retain, and grow companies’ most valued internal clients, their employees. And PVP has come up with a predictive analytics tool for HR. PVP’s HRMetre removes the guesswork out of HR Management by optimizing the use of analytics to enhance the employee experience. This measures, tracks and predicts drivers of key HR metrics that drive employee performance. Among the key HR Metrics that are measured are Employee Engagement, Job Satisfaction, Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), Intention to Stay, and Employee Mental Health (Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Burnout). Employee experience factors like Teamwork, Communication, Supervisor Support, and many others are also measured and tracked to determine if they have a significant impacton the key HR Metrics.

With our interactive dashboard, HR people and managers can quickly and easily produce insightful workforce reports. Management now has a convenient, on-hand resource to develop data-driven choices and strategies.

Diving further into the tool, HRMetre generates the following information which could be used by HR :

• Find out WHO are “disengaged” or “fully engaged,” (which segment –department, position, age group, tenure group, sex); WHY and WHAT drives employee engagement (using predictive analytics and sentiment analysis)

• Find out WHO are the segments high in attrition risk, WHAT specific organizational climate factors predict attrition, WHAT would make them stay or leave?

• Find out the segment profiles of those low (or high) in job satisfaction, identify the predictors.

• Find out WHO (which segment –department, position, age group, tenure group, sex) are the “star performers” or “non-performers,” WHY and WHAT (using predictive analytics and sentiment analysis) drives their level of performance

• Find out which employee experience factors are your “critical” or “strength” areas. (e.g. job challenge, role clarity, training and development, trust in management, etc.)

• Find out your company’s eNPS (employee net promoter score) and your employee profiles – either they are “promoters,” “passives,” or “detractors”

• Find out which mental health factors are your “critical” areas. (e.g. stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout)

• Find out which areas of organizational culture and leadership are your company’s strengths or flag-up areas.

Using this predictive analysis tool also allows companies to focus on the mental health of its employees. During the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were reported experiencing a hard time coping with their situation. And among PVP’s clients, our tool proved to be an essential guide and help in addressing employee mental health issues and crafting workplace mental health programs.

Indeed, HRMetre is a much-needed tool that a company can use and trust to take care of their employees' well-being. Companies realize that giving time and attention to their employees will help them get closer to their vision, goal and bottom line. Keep in mind that employees are the ones who execute the company's plans, and without them, there is no way for a company to survive in the long run.

Thus, we can attest that predictive analysis gives us foresight on preventing more significant problems from arising, assuring us that everything will be alright if we're guided by sound and science-based data analytics tools.