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PVP Conducts First Online Data Privacy Compliance Workshop

Updated: May 3, 2023

As we all know, we are in the "new normal". In PVP, we have also adopted the changes in the way we deliver our training. Last June 16-18, 2020, we conducted the first online workshop on Data Privacy Compliance to help companies begin their journey in implementing the DPA. The three half-day training was delivered via Zoom to 36 enrollees.

To help set expectations and know the “feels” (as millennials call it) of our participants, we used Mentimeter and asked the participants their expectations for the online training especially since this is a first for most everyone.

And this is how they felt during the last day of the online training:

We are heartened by these comments from our participants:

While these remarks will drive us to improve on our next online training:

Congratulations to our first batch of online DPA workshop graduates who will make sure that their companies are compliant with the law.

*On June 23-25, PVP will have its second online training on “Designing and Developing a Mental Health Programs in the Workplace”. With only a few slots left, interested participants may register at

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