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It was a packed July for PVP!

From workplace mental health to analytics and to leadership training, PVP delivered its brand of premier service to its corporate clients and training participants.

PVP helped new companies with their Mental Health Programs with our Designing and Developing Mental Health Programs in the Workplace training last July 5 to 7. As companies still work towards compliance with the Mental Health Act of 2018 in crafting their mental health programs, this training provided them the framework and guidance to be able to put them in place.

Eastern Telecoms continued with its second batch of Toolkit for Mental Health Champions training last July 7 and 8. Ms. Aless Arpon trained ETPI’s mental health champions on the mental health first aid, equipping them with the skills to be first responders to employees who may be experiencing mental health issues and work stress. This program by Eastern Telecoms is part of their mental health program that also includes organizational mental health assessment, informative webinars and online counseling.

PVP offered a free webinar on Introduction to HR Analytics last July 13. Our President and Director for Research and Analytics, Dr. Marshall Valencia gave an overview of the concept of HR Analytics, taught the participants how to implement an HR Analytics project and outlined the competencies needed for an HR Analytics team.

While this was just a 1-hour introduction, participants were able to take away important learnings towards becoming more data and analytics savvy as HR practitioners.

If you want to watch this training, it’s available here: [FREE WEBINAR]Introduction to HR Analytics

Last July 19, we opened Avida's morning by conducting a learning session on Parenting 101: Promoting the Well-being of Younger Generation this Pandemic. Avida wanted to help their parent-employees who are juggling responsibilities at work and at home through this webinar as kids spend more and more time online especially with the pandemic. Ms. Darl Orillaza, the resource speaker of our webinar, discussed the impact of the pandemic on the younger generation, the tools and techniques in securing the younger ones, online security, and preparation for going back to face-to-face classes. It was a well-attended event with plenty of Q&A that followed.


One of our biggest hurdles in effective and efficient work is proper time and self-management So last July 20, we conducted our learning session on Working Smart: A time and Self-Management Webinar. Mr. Jhon Carandang, RPsy, our resource speaker, discussed awareness in managing time, multitasking, and procrastination. More importantly, he provided practical tips and practices on how to become efficient and productive at work.

Last July 22, 2022, Premier Value Provider, Inc. conducted a Psychological Peer Support Session session to Amaia Land Corp. employees at Balai 218 Hotspring Resort, Pansol, Laguna. The session was facilitated by Mr. Jhon Carandang, MA, RPsy, CDR and PVP's Workplace Mental Health Manager, Mr. Jose Mari A. Hulleza, RPm, MAPsy. This session incorporated a mindfulness-based stress reduction activities which aimed to help Amaia employees to vent out their stress, destress their mind, and equip them with more appropriate stress management and coping skills.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction is a group program that was developed to deal with those who are struggling with life battles, may it be physically and/or mentally. It is an effective approach to reduce one’s stress.

Thank you so much Amaia Land Corp. for this great initiative and also to Amaia employees who took part and shared their life experiences with us.

Part 4 of 8!

On July 26, the leaders of InterAsia Outsource, Inc. gathered together for the fourth LeaderSIP session, with Ms. Vina Vicente as the facilitator. The session was about knowing what is a leader and what are you as a leader. They were able to come up with 10 traits and behaviors that they believe an IOI leader should have and which they will work to embody and practice.

PVP's "LeaderSIP - Brewing Next Gen Leaders" offers companies curated topics for your leaders as they work and lead together in strengthening organizational culture, improving team cohesion, and becoming effective leaders overall! The 2-hour virtual session is semi-structured so it is perfect for adult learners who are also busy executives.

Creating a safe space for everyone, one step at a time! Our speaker, Ms. Lyka Lucena, gave a talk on RA 11313: Safe Spaces Act aims to combat the several forms of sexual harassment that can occur in public places and professional environments. The session elaborated on the obligations of employers in terms of providing secure and comfortable working environments for their staff members. The Q&A that followed right after discussed how employers can make a gender-sensitive and inclusive workplace for their employees. A company that protects your rights, respects your boundaries and individuality, and actively cultivates a safe space for everyone is a workplace that every employee deserves.

The earthquake didn’t stop us from delivering our webinar! And fortunately, our participants remained safe and were still able to attend and learn how to “Ignite the spark: Motivating your team to success.” Mr. Gerald B. Peñaranda, RPsy, taught the participants about external and internal vitality, drives and motivations, organizational cultures, and various languages used by leaders in engaging their people. He also mentioned the WIIFM Principle (What's in it for me?) and engaged our participants in an interactive process of making motivational scripts for various types of team members.

What’s next? Here are the upcoming events for August 2022:

Visit https://www.pvpi.co/courses for details and registration!

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