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It was a packed month for PVP this June.

As the month started, PVP concluded its two-day public training on Mental Health First Aid. Facilitated by Ms. Aless Arpon, our training participants learned how to handle crises situations, rapport building and supportive communications. Aless also shared with the participants the different self-care strategies so they are also reminded how to take care of themselves before they care for others.

On June 7 to 9, PVP’s Director for Research and Analytics, Dr. Marshall Valencia conducted our public training on Customer Analytics: Practical Tools and Techniques, giving a deep understanding to the data-filled customer journey. He taught our participants how to extract, arrange, analyze and present the vast array of data businesses collect throughout the full customer journey effectively and efficiently. Participants especially liked learning the use of open-access data analytics and presentation tools like Jamovi and PowerBI which they can then apply at work.

For Tourism Promotions Board’s Mental Health Program entitled Help, Understand and Give Support or HUGS, PVP helped TPB’s HUGGERS gain skills and be fully equipped to give psychological first aid in a face-to-face session last June 9 at TPB’s head office. Through PVP’s experts Jhon Carandang, RPsy, CDR and Jomar Hulleza, RPm, MAPsy, TPB’s HUGGERS were taught the concept of mental health continuum, common mental health problems and disorders, the nature, principle, and skills needed to providing Mental Health First Aid. It was a fun-filled learning experience for both TPB and PVP as we transitioned back to face-to-face learning.

Another face-to-face training was conducted last June 10 for the 2nd part of InterAsia Outsource, Inc’s “I Choose the Customer: Business Communications Program,” a training program specifically designed for PVP’s client IOI, to help the company build a leadership culture and to enhance the skills of its leaders and team members with a focus on business communications.

This 2nd session focused on engaging the customer where IOI learned, practiced, and employed tools to articulate one’s thoughts, provide cohesive updates to customers, and engage, partner with and influence the customer.

Part two of Tourism Promotions Board’s training under its Help, Understand and Give Support or HUGS Mental Health Program, were sessions on stress management and building resilience. Last June 14, under the guidance of Suzy Roxas and Gerald Penaranda, PVP conducted a seminar for all employees of TPB to give them the skill set to handle stress in the workplace and build psychological resilience.

Another IOI Kapihan Leader-SIP session was successfully completed last June 29. For this 3rd session, Ms. Vina Vidal Vicente discussed and challenged IOI’s leaders on ‘ACCOUNTABILITY’ in harnessing their organization’s culture. The session circled on the 4 steps of TO SEE IT, TO OWN IT, TO SOLVE IT, and TO DO IT that will help their leaders to effectively practice accountability. Practical sharing of experience was also directed by Ms. Vina in order to directly apply this session’s lessons to their workplace settings that require accountability.

As we adapt to new work environments, employees feel overworked because of the lack of balance between their professional and personal lives. In this learning session, Ms. Alessandra Arpon talked about the things that affect productivity and how to overcome them. Especially for managers with people under them, it’s important to be able to help their team members overcome the challenges of productivity. Family-Supportive Behaviors were then discussed to help managers create a mentally healthy workplace for their employees by expressing empathy and compassion through understanding their familial obligations and forging closer bonds amongst themselves.

What’s next? Here are the upcoming events for July 2022:

Visit https://www.pvpi.co/courses for details and registration!

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