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What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition and Retention in 2020?

Updated: May 4, 2023

According to LinkedIn Talent Solutions Global Talent Trends 2020 Report, these are the 4 trends that are changing the way companies attract and retain talent:

PVPI is at the forefront of these trends with trainings being offered in People Analytics and Multi-Gen Workforce.

For two years now, PVPI has understood the importance and leverage people analytics bring to Human Resource and Organizational Development. That is why we have been offering people analytics courses to help Human Resource make data-driven workforce-related decisions and convincingly show business leaders the direct impact of HR processes and initiatives on business outcomes like sales, revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, most if not every organization now is a multi-generational work place spanning Baby Boomers to Gen Z, each with their own unique generational traits. It is thus important to explore the pains and visions in working in such an exciting diverse environment and be able to harness the combined knowledge, experience, talents and potentials of all generations and make it part of your company’s competitive advantage.

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